Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Michael Dennis Charlotte, North Carolina, United States Of America

Posted: 2016-05-20


Chapter 13


Hello  Fellow Copper Tops

Who can forget the tag given to Neo of 'The Matrix” when he was told,”listen to me Copper Top” by Cipher in the car.  She was aulding to his state of being used as a battery in the matrix, which was set up by the machines, who were harvesting crops of babies and putting into the matrix to supply themselves with power and energy.   In a way it sound like the mastermind group, we plug in to each other and it produces power to change peoples lives. She told him it's either our way or the highway in our terms get on the same rate of vibration or get out the car  .Humm human's as batteries?, not so far-fetched. 

The human body can generate from 100 watts of power at rest and up to 2,000 watts with bursts of energy such as sprinting.  This is a form of natural human energy.  Our brains when excited changes It's natural energy frequency into spiritual energy or higher vibrating thought  which can be  can broadcast and received into by brains in the same room and even across great distances and receive them.  There are no words spoken but the thought can be recived by the brains of others with highly vibrating thought energy.

in a radio broadcasting station power is needed to change the human voice into sound wave and that sound waves go into a microphone, which takes in the sound through a diaphragm and the diaphragm turns that pressure into an electrical equivelent.  This signal is matched and rides on a carrier wave and stepped  to higher frequencies and amplified and sent into an antenna  signal travels though the air as a radio wave.  This radio wave reaches home stereo receiver tuned to the same fruency and it removes the carrier wave as it steps down to the wave into it's original wave form and is understod by the listener (receiver).

When an idea or thought excites our mind with desire it's stepped up to vibrate faster, faith is our carrier wave  the either where that thought or idea is picked up with another brain in the excited or stepped up state can receive that signal nto the  subconscious mind.  The brain understands the message, all without spoken words, othet than what the transmitting brain has spokent through the subconscious