Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Edward Swift Amarillo, TX, USA

Posted: 2016-05-20

Chapter 13 The Brain


The Twelfth Step toward Riches


The human brain is an untapped powerhouse for both receiving and sending thoughts (energy) through the ether or to one's own subconscious mind, but the receptiveness which these thoughts are received is largely determined by the level of intensity of our emotions and feelings. The stronger and more intense the emotions are will determine the speed in which the thought vibrations will be received by other minds connected to the universal ether and are more likely to be picked up by our subconscious mind and carried out.

It should be noted that both positive and negative thoughts when mixed with emotions assist in the stepping up process and make the brain more receptive to the stimuli being received so care should be taken to focus only on positive thought stimuli so the right mix of emotions will be added to our thoughts and increase the intensity in which these desires are carried out.

Sexual desire stands at the forefront of emotions that cause the brain to vibrate at an exceedingly high rate and greatly assist in the process of sending and receiving creative thoughts that help one attain riches. Through this process one's own thought are super charged or stepped up to increase the opportunity for them to be picked up and acted upon by one's subconscious mind.

These same super charged thoughts, thoughts essentially mixed with strong emotions and positive energetic intensity will also attract the assistance of other human beings, regardless of their location in the world, and can bring two or more people together for the purpose of accomplishing mutual goals.

Additionally, another part of the brain called the "creative imagination" acts much like a radio in that it is the "receiving set" that picks up other individuals thought vibrations as well as our own and sets about creatively to bring these intangible ideas to life in the physical world.

Perhaps too much emphasis has been given to things which are physical in nature and not enough to how those things are created in the first place. Everything starts with a thought or an idea, so what are you thinking about today, better yet what are you focused on right now? As it was said in the Phantom Menace Star Wars movie, "Your Focus Determines Your Reality"!