Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Celia H. Burton New Castle, Delaware, United States

Posted: 2016-05-10

Mr. Hill makes it clear in several statements that the sex emotion is the strongest of all stimuli to transmute thought to the realm of creative imagination which births ideas and hunches. If one wants to tap into the creative imagination their mind needs to vibrate at a high frequency by using sex as a motivator with love and romance. Love and romance softens the heart and makes the primitive raw nature of sex become a state of mind that can transmute into ideas or hunches that bring about constructive thoughts which propel the receiver to success sault after by that individual. 

The mere thought of a person that is the love object of another person such as a man who loves his wife bring about a biological change in the chemistry of the mind that transmutes.  A women has the power to make or break a man because of  the influence of sex. Synthetic thoughts are created by what is available to ones mind by means of what the limited mind has obtained through experience or other forms of education. This represents the biological portion of the mind. The states of mind that develop ideas and hunches is developed can only be obtained by the creative mind which is identified as a spiritual energy. Both can be used to obtain results but the creative mind can pick up from the limited synthetic mind to innovate and create.  We can look at the creative mind as an extension of the synthetic mind, because it expounds the limitation of the synthetic mind.  

The creative mind can only be reach by thoughts generated by highly emotional charged thoughts. Sex, Love and Romance can produce a sixth sense that reaches the creative mind workshop.  There are other stimuli such as a burning desire for power, fame, or money; music; friendships of both male; and female; a harmonious master mind group; mutual suffering; auto-suggestion expressed by self-talk;fear; alcohol and narcotics. Of these that of the sexual stimuli is above the others and most powerful in the process of transmuting thoughts to their physical counter-part.

Best wishes to all on my master mind team and continued blessings to the Dlouhy family.