Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ben Drake West Ryde, NSW, Australia

Posted: 2016-05-10

What gets You so emotional that You are brought to tears. That is Your why and is also the reason that You keep on going in Your own business. We need to take that emotional energy and use that energy to create that life of our dreams.

It may be as simple as walking into a room after Your partner has made a loving gesture for Your birthday by going out there and making the day special for You after You have been out. As simple as being brought to tears when You hear that someone who is exceptionally important wants to be able to attend Your wedding.

Emotional energy is what we give daily, some of what we do is from pure love that we just care and unconditionally love the person despite what they may have done. For many years that kind of emotion was difficult to come by, it's still what needs to be worked on. That pure love and caring for someone so much that would do whatever.

At times, that love and caring for someone as a friend has become a hindrance that it has stopped ME from being that guy who enjoyed being that guy who truly had so much love within his life and was attempting to express how much he cared about his friends for many years. That would speak about those feelings as could until it turned into a mess.

Many times own love and affection for someone would turn out badly or the wrong way as the person was unable to understand what was saying and I was still learning the difference between the emotional love of a wife and life partner and Your friends. That took a lot of work to distinguish between the two, is this more love for the person that You care about the person as a person or is this more love another type of love.

Being one of the most loving caring guys that have around has been rough and it has taken years to realize that at times that love may just get thrown right back into My own face. That You just need to pick Yourself up, dust Yourself off and keep and going. Knowing that in the end that prize will be well worth it when You achieve that goal or dream You are working for.

It's like for many years the pain and hurt from own health that filtered throughout My own life. That pushed a lot away, it was so destructive that wanted to be able to enjoy life and was angry and frustrated that health was poor without having learnt the proper way to maintain My health at all. It is now that I am able to enjoy those days at amusement parks again, sharing my love with Jenny and sharing the passion for helping others.

As well as being able to travel the world with the most loving partner that was what had always wanted to do, along with being able to raise a family and be a much better husband and father than what knew. That emotional pain ran My own life for many years and it has taken time to allow that pain to heal and to start designing my own life again. Both Jenny and Myself have decided it's time to move to a new location up near the gold coast of Qld within 3 to 5 years.

That will be a chance to start a life and to also be able to live in an environment where the warmth is better for My health allowing more movement. Thank you to Michael and Linda Dlouhy for Your ongoing love support, encouragement and hope. Thanks to Ken Klemm for Your own ongoing support and being willing to help regularly.

Your friend for life,
With love and appreciation,

Big hugs,
Ben Drake
West Ryde NSW Australia