Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Larry Griffin Shererville, IN, US

Posted: 2016-05-09

                                                Chapter 11 

                                                The Mystery of Sex Transmutation 


Transmutation, the changing of one form of enery into another. Sex is the strongest emotion of man, if and when man is able to transpose the emotion from the physical to some other area such as achievement in career or financial gain through his will he has raised himself to the level of genius. 

It all starts with the desire to have whatever he wills for more then sex, where a man's attention goes so goes his energy, his thoughts, and his creative imagination. once these are all focused on a desired goal he is unstopable. 

If he also has love in the mix who knows the highth he may reach. 

The word desire from chapter 1 in this book in my opinon brings it all home, it's where the focus comes from, and the will to do something great, above the adverage man, a determination to achieve above and beyond the base pleasures of the physical.  

The question I have is this transmutation a choose or is it chance? Are some born with the desire to achieve more or is this transmutation always stimulated by some outside influence, or can it be a combination of both desire to please, as in the love of a woman and a personal desire. Whatever the case may be it has been proven it can be done.  

Mr. Hill gives us much to think about in these steps to success, a great road map to our desired goals. 

I have read that the goals we wish to achieve are important, but what is more important is the person we become along the way. 

Larry Griffin