Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Daniel Clark Bronx, New York, United States

Posted: 2016-05-04

The Power and principle of the Master Mind no doubt works wonders for those seeking riches in their lives.

I would like to point out also how this principle is one that we make a part of our everyday lives in practical matters as well, specifically with family, friends, acquaintances and the like.

Psychologists often talk about friendships, companionships and such in which the dynamic tends to involve one or more people leeching the energy of another, and refers to them as examples of a “Toxic Relationship”.  You probably know the kind; they are the otherwise well-meaning people in your circle who come to you with their problems, or are constantly asking for favors which they may or may not be able to return in the future, always asking to borrow things from you, just to name a few examples.  Now these traits are not necessarily red flags on their own… unless it would seem that they are the foundation of which your relationship is built upon.  If every other encounter with these types of people leaves you feeling emotionally drained, that’s a major clue that you need to reconsider the company that you are keeping.

Now in the case of family, well that’s a tougher one, because that’s more or less “the hand you were dealt” so to speak.  But when it comes to friends or acquaintances, those are groups of people that you do have control over.  So to build your Master Mind group, you want to look for like-minded people filled with the same positive energy as you, who can contribute to your mutual cause and produce amazing results, be they in business, the pursuit of riches, or just growing as people.

*WARNING!* Allow me to warn you of a very easy trap to fall into.   Some people may think “well, maybe if these otherwise negative people hang around me for long enough, I might start to rub off on them a bit, they may try harder, learn lessons easier, etc.”  While this may be a noble line of thinking, more often than not, it tends to backfire pretty heavily.  What ends up happening is the reverse effect; the negative person/group rubs off on the stable member clinging to their positivity.  So instead of a “Master Mind” group, you end up with a… “Mess-ter Mind” group if you will.  I’ve fallen into this trap myself lots of times, so I can attest that it can be a tricky obstacle to overcome.

Don’t let that happen!  Clean up the “Mess” and gather the individuals that will work with you to achieve the greater cause, and before you know it, like a well-oiled machine, you will be propelled to great heights in life.

Here’s to Mastering the Power of the Master Mind!
~Daniel Clark