Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Kira Harnett Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Posted: 2016-05-04

Chapter 10: Power Of The Mastermind

I had a teacher in high school who would tell the class, “Two Heads Are Better Than One”.
In other words, it is helpful to have the advice or opinion of a second person.

Being in this mastermind group will provide an individual with more power than trying
to be a successful network marketer alone. Everyone here is working, in harmony towards
a definite end. The accumulation of riches.

Network marketing is a lot like anything you do in life, sports for an example.
First, you make the decision to do it and find a coach or group of people with experience
and knowledge in what you are trying to accomplish. Then you learn the necessary skills,
put them to action and work towards your end goal.

When I first pursued my network marketing career I knew little, to nothing about it . . .
I also knew nothing about horses when I decided I wanted to show jump, but I had a coach
and a group of people who taught me just like I have a coach and a mastermind group
teaching me the skills I need to become a successful network marketer.

I am acquiring and utilizing all the knowledge this mastermind group provides me with to
work towards my dreams. I am also sharing that knowledge with others to help them grow into the leaders they desire to be.

With Appreciation,

Kira Harnett