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J Greene bridgetown, st michael, Barbados

Posted: 2016-05-04

 Power of the Mastermind

The Power of the mastermind is everything when it comes to creating your chief aim, nothing can

be done without a mastermind if you really think about it. A mastermind is when a team of people 

that want to achieve the same goal work together to achieve that goal, you can't really create much 

by yourself. Some will disagree but think about this, you can say well Rihanna sings on stage by her self

that is not a mastermind. When she wrote the songs in the studio with her writers and producers that is a 

mastermind, even when she sings for a stage perfomance that is a mastermind. Her team has to mastermind 

to make things happen. This is why entertainers have marketing teams, PR people and many others on their team

doing different things that is going towards the same goal, you have to mastermind to make things work. Imagine

if a entertainer had to handle everything by themselves? nothing would ever get done, and if they did pull it off it 

would be at a very low quality because that is too much for one person to handle. From the outside it may look

like people are doing things themselves but behind the scenes it is one big mastermind of people who share the 

same drive and passion for their desired chief aim.