Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Mary Mirembe TORONTO, Ontario, Canada

Posted: 2016-05-04

The Ninth Step toward Riches

Hill tells us "There exists a great unseen stream of power, which may be compared to a river; except that one side flows in one direction, carrying all who get into that side of the stream, onward and upward to wealth - and the other side flows in the opposite direction, carrying all who are unfortunate enough to get into it (and not able to extricate themselves from it), downward to misery and poverty".

This quotation indicates that there are two groups of people in this world; those who are positive and those who are negative. People with positive emotions believe that everything is possible once you put your mind to and believe in it. Those are the people who accumulate wealth and are often leaders. The other group of people are negative and do not believe in the power of positive thoughts. Most people, unfortunately, fall in this latter category!

Hill writes "Every man who has accumulated a great fortune has recognized the existence of this stream of life. It consists of one's THINKING PROCESS. The positive emotions of thought form the side of the stream which carries one to fortune. The negative emotions form the side which carries one down to poverty".

Before I discovered the Mentoring For Free, I was part of the stream that carries one down to poverty. Then I learnt about the power and benefits of an effective Mastermind group. Luckily enough there was one in place that I could join right away. Michael advises everybody to register in this mastermind group for personal development.

By joining this mastermind group I was able to extricate myself from that negative direction that I was stuck into, to the positive side of life. What a relief!

Thank you Michael and Linda and all members of this Mastermid group for your support.

Mary Mirembe
Ontario, Canada