Think & Grow Rich Lessons
David Calicotte Hannibal, Missouri, USA

Posted: 2016-05-03




Out of all the great things I have learned from reading this book, learning to create a Master Mind Group of

like minded individuals has to be one of the best things I have learned.  I always thought I had to learn

everything about everything that I was trying to do, but I just became overwhelmed and frustrated.  Now I

know that I don't have to know it all, I just have to know the right person to ask when I run into something

I don't know.  This is where your Master Mind Group comes in.  Mr. Hill said "When two or more people

coordinate in a spirit of HARMONY and work toward a definite objective, they place themselves in a

position through that alliance to absorb power directly from the great universal storehouse of Infinite

Intelligence. This is the greatest of all sources of POWER."  


I feel very fortunate to have found the Mentoring For Free group.  I have learned so much by being in this group, not

just about how to be a network marketer, but how to live my life.  I also feel very lucky that my wife Kathy is doing this 

with me, we work together everyday to keep ourselves on the positive side of the stream.  I don't think I could have

changed the way I think about, and live my life without her support.  Thank you for always being there.


We are an unstoppable team!!


Thank you everyone at Mentoring For Free for being there, as well and thank you for YOUR help and support. 


Forever grateful,

David Calicotte