Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Margi Starr Springfield, Ohio, USA

Posted: 2016-05-03

Chapter 10—Power of the Mastermind


I looked around my Pilate’s class this morning at the women who were endeavoring
to improve muscle tone, flexibility, and strength.  We meet together three days a week
with an instructor, who takes us through a variety of CORE-building exercises.  The music
and black lights give the room a unique ambience.


Afterwards you’ll hear the good-natured grumbling of the women who have worked muscles
that haven’t been worked that way for a while. We are a Group of individuals with the shared
interest of keeping our bodies strong and moving.


A Mastermind is a Specialized Group on steroids.


It’s more than an Instructor leading a class through a series of downward facing dogs, planks,
and Warrior stances.


While a Mastermind may have a Leader, its strength is measured by the contribution of ALL the
members.  When everyone brings their wealth of experiences to the table, the Power of the
group grows exponentially.


When ONLY the Leader contributes, the Mastermind's effectiveness is more like that of a Group. 


I’ve been in lots of various groups throughout my lifetime, but this is the ONLY group that really
wants me to achieve my dream of getting out of debt and creating wealth.  I won’t learn that or
get support for that at the gym.  I won’t learn that or get support for that that in an Antique Club.  
As much as I love Bible Studies, there’s usually not much discussion about creating wealth.


True, there are lots of Groups that teach how to manage money, but this Mastermind takes us
through a variety of CORE-building exercises.  Truth is, you can go make a million dollars, but then
you’ll probably lose it completely, if you haven’t built your CORE.  Think of all the people who have
won the lottery, only to lose everything because they weren’t emotionally ready to handle their
sudden windfall.


Each chapter of Hill’s book stretches us and when we dig down deep, we see things about ourselves
that make us uncomfortable.   When limiting beliefs are exposed, that can be downright miserable.


If you hang out here for a while, you will sometimes hear some good-natured grumbling as we step
out of our comfort zone and learn new skills.


You will also see people grow into the Leaders God purposed them to be.


Pilates for Prosperity!

Margi Starr
Springfield, Ohio