Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Anthony Rodelli Highland, NY, USA

Posted: 2016-05-03

Step 9 Toward Riches: Power of the Master Mind

Andrew Carnegie's greatest contribution to personal and business success-The Master Mind- is your's to use as you desire!

It is the "master way" to use organized and directed knowledge as a road to lifelong Power.

The human mind is a form of energy. When two or more minds cooperate in harmony, they form a great "bank" of energy, plus a third, invisible force which can be likened to a Master Mind.

It is necessary to plan and to organized in order to get rich. Staying poor is very easy; Poverty needs no plan.

Three major sources of accumulated mind power according to Dr. Hill, stand ready to aid You! They can be used at will by those who know how to use them- as you do now!

Freedom of expression must always be encouraged, never discouraged!

Thanks to MFF and all the folks here- I choose to lend my own mind to all of the others.