Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ken Altizio Mahopac , NY, United States

Posted: 2016-05-03

The  Power of  the  MasterMind :

   I have been  trying  for  many  years  to  reach my goal  "To  make  a  substantial  amount  of  money  online  so  I  could  help  others  achieve  the  same  success  " but have added  " To prove  that  the  97-98 % failure  rate  of achieving "Success" does not apply  to  us  Positive  Believers ".

  After a little  while  with MFF I realize  I  need  help   (lots of). I believe  that when 2 or more mind are joined together the results can be incomprehensible. My brain  brings  me to the promises  of Jesus :  "When 2 or more are together  in My Name there I  will be with them"  Soo...."If God   be  for  us  who  can  be  against  us" ?   "Everything  is  possible  to  him  who  Believes" . 

I digress sometimes I talk in Bible. But  anyway I learned  that  the  power & energy of our mind combined  with *Faith * Desire * Persistence * Action * & a group on MFF Masterminds  woking  together  to help  on another  is the key  to  Success.

Anyone can wish for things to change but you need to  have * FAITH * HOPE * BELIEF that God's promise are ours for the asking . Put your plan of action to Action " Don't  Limit  God  " * get the help  you need (* * I'm asking  **) and let God  take  us to  Places  that  we  have  never  dreamed  of ! Amen