Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Celia Burton New Castle, Delaware, US

Posted: 2016-05-03

There are but two sides when it comes to accumulation of money.  Those who assert a proven method prescribed by Mr. Hill will succeed in the positive endeavor of accumulating money.  The means by which he gives us is not hard, but it must be followed with effort and consistency.  That is this lesson this entire book is giving us with the 13 principles in a nutshell.  Mr. Hill says without strong desire, a definite plan and persistence one cannot succeed, but then he throws in the mix the power of the mastermind group.  A wiliness to cooperate with one or more people with the same goal of accumulating money will expedite and magnify ones pursuit of money.  The other side is poverty which has no need of any type of discipline.  It comes from failure to take the proper steps starting with your mind and combining it with other like minds to accomplish a mutual goal.

Failure to equip your mind with the proper nourishment is a sure shot to poverty. To avoid this fate you need emotional desire accompanied with self-talk to break down barriers that hinder your communication with infinite intelligence.  When you pave the way for you to communicate with a higher source of energy you will have mastered a form of positive energy that will enhance and enlighten yourself and those who may participate with you in your master mind group.  

The magic of the mastermind group starts with you and how you think. What you may or may not contribute is all depending on how you think.  If your mind is cluttered or untrained, you may not give or get any value from the group.  But if you take the time to learn how to think, your input will be beneficial to all.  You will become more engaged, more intuned to pick up on the gifts that the other members bring to the group; thereby capitalizing on that information to your advantage and to the advantage of everyone in the group. It's the combined force of collaborating minds that make a mastermind group a powerful force of energy that is a critical part in the accumulation of money. There is a sort of spiritual connection when mind collaboration occurs. The members of the group feeds off the energy produced thereby all involved rise to a higher state of mind.  It's like when the sea rises. All the ships rise too.   The power of the mastermind acts as the sea and the individual minds Involved are the ships.  

In this world we are more connected than we are conscious of.  More actions than we understand happen good or bad  because our minds connect with or without our knowledge and create a reality.  Amazing, isn't it?

A heartfelt thanks to my team of master mind members.  And to our leader Mr. Michael Delouhy and his wife Linda for giving us the opportunity to master mind.