Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Tuula Rands West Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

Posted: 2016-05-02

Chapter 10 – The Power of the Mastermind the driving force.

On every coaching call I hear Michael say,
“You got to have a coach, a mentor, a System,
a team of people working with you.”  In other
Words a Mastermind.

This is what we have here at Mentoring for Free,
We have that driving force that keeps us going,
encouraging us to do more, become more and 
be the person people want to be in business with.

Building a business by ourselves is like trying to 
dance by ourself.  We can dance by our self 
but it is not the same as dancing with a partner  
and dancing where there are other dancers and 
dancing by our self is not much fun.  

Building a business by our self is not
much fun either – it can be very lonely and not very
encouraging. We need to be a part of a team working together.  

If we want to grow we need to participate. We can’t be that
wallflower sitting on the sidelines watching everyone
else dancing.  If we don’t know how to dance we have
Mentors and coaches who are willing to teach us the 
Steps - all we have to do is ask.

Once we learn the steps, we practice until we can
do them without thinking and that is when the fun 
begins.  We can then dance with anyone, we can dance
all dance steps and enjoy every minute. 
We can do the LinkedIn, the IBO or the steps to
the blogging platform. 

The driving force of the mastermind can take us
from just learning the first steps, to dancing at
the local pub or the weekend dance hall or if we 
choose we can even become a professional dancer.

“We need to have a coach, a mentor, a System,
a team of people working with us.” 

Success begins by getting on the dance floor.

Tuula Rands