Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ben Drake West Ryde, NSW, Australia

Posted: 2016-05-01

Achieving the life of You’re desires; means you to mastermind with others who have achieved what You are wanting to and looking to achieve. You need to get their help and they need to be in friendly alignment with Your goals and dreams.

To be able to achieve a healthy life, we are all needing to listen to those who have achieved a healthy life and taken control of their health. We need to stop listening to those who may have stopped along the way to achieve that goal of a healthy life. They have stopped working towards their goals and dreams or have given up on helping You to achieve that goal or dream.

They may come up with a variety of reasons to get You to stop working towards Your goal, You are getting to Gaunt. We have to stop listening to these Naysayers who may even turn around saying “Its costing too much to achieve Your health”, “Are You making any money?”, I have heard them all over the years and listened to a lot of these influences and their comments on achieving health or business where they had no experience in achieving that goal.

For many Years, I was dealing with MY back issues (scheuermann’s disease, malformed discs in lower back), along with MY muscles being lax. That only discovered when got around the right physio who was happy to help all of MY muscle and back issues were to do with having learnt poor posture. The physio refused to give up and say we have treated the area that’s playing up You are better now. They just keep on working to help improve MY Posture and develop MY core strength tighter.

That day is coming when I AM going to be healthy, sexy, skinny, tightened toned and firm, the vision that had initially to be that tightened, toned and firm guy; in 2008 started with the achievement of losing 40 kilos. To go from having MY knee caps dislocate 4 times within a 10 year period to building the Strength that it has been 9 years now since the last dislocation.

Learning to build that strength needed and to keep on MY own health is an invaluable story which has the ability to impact millions. It is all thanks to having met an amazing medical team, that showed what to do to start building that strength in 2006 and keeping on going from there. Asking those for help who knew were willing to help.

I am just curious what type of mastermind would You rather be around, the one who has taken control of own health and has worked on own health weekly that is out there doing what they can to build their health stronger and better; Or would You rather be around the person who has let their health slide is a diabetic, barely takes care of their health or exercises accepting the medication and saying I am too busy to do any exercise.

Thank You to the amazing Michael and Linda Dlouhy for Your own ongoing love, support and acceptance, thank You to MY own mentor Ken Klemm for Your own inspiration guidance and love.

Your friend for life,

We love and appreciate You,

Big hugs,

Ben Drake,

West Ryde NSW Australia