Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Daniel Clark Bronx, New York, United States

Posted: 2016-04-27

Hill astutely observes in this chapter that many people confuse persistency with being ruthless, conceded or full of oneself, and other such traits.  People who show persistency tend to be looked at by some people as dedicated to their cause against all odds, and by a lot of people as stubborn or “unwilling to accept their fate of failure” or accept their “limitations”.

Some people are truly capable of persistency, but perhaps have had it blow up in their face too many times.  i.e. they persist with sharing their ideas until it gets to the point where people start slamming doors in their faces, which they interpret as a “once and for all” indicator that them persisting is foolish.  This in turn, leads to them possibly taking on feelings of indecision.  In a lot of instances, usually unbeknown to the person trying to make a change for themselves, the people they ask are just not of the best nature to reciprocate, but due to the person seeking fortune’s chronic exposure to these people, they are persistently shown only one side of the coin and erroneously led to believe that everybody they will ever talk to will give them the same response.

In my experience, persistence has sometimes paid off, but in cases where it hadn’t, it almost functioned as a “gateway” of sorts to other secondary effects, such as indecision or procrastination (“aw, what’s the use?  If I ask them one more time, they’ll curse me out or just stop answering my calls/e-mails/etc.).  This is why I sometimes find it hard to persist in certain endeavors, even ones that I feel passionate about.  What others would say, how they would react to my ideas… when these elements are by themselves, they don’t usually bother me as much, but when they happen after I have already tried things and failed at them, it feels like being kicked while down.

Still, I nonetheless persist because I simply want to make positive advancements in my life and not simply be someone who is just trying to keep what they do have from falling apart.  Sometimes, people telling me that I “can’t do it” ends up motivating me to do it, even when they try to present “irrefutable evidence” saying that I have no chance.  Hey, if Hill can help his supposedly deaf beyond repair son to  hear, I believe I can achieve great riches in my life in many ways, regardless if they have been done before by anyone in my immediate surroundings or not.

“You always miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”.
~Wayne Gretzky