Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Martin Hall Stourbridge, West Midlands, United Kingdom

Posted: 2016-04-27



Hill tells us that persistence is one of those qualities which will help to turn a desire to accumulate wealth into a physical reality.

In fact, if you are going to accumulate wealth, peristence is not merely a option but a necessity.

If you think about it, no plan is ever executed perfectly.

I understand that professional soldiers have a saying- "No battle plan ever survives contact with the enemy".

I might add, as a former teacher, that no lesson plan ever survives contact with the enemy either(not in East Birmmingham, anyway).

Think of a sports team that you support. Sometimes they win, sometimes they lose. Even when they win, it's rarely "hands down". They usually win after after a struggle, in which the opposition has done their level best to wreck their game plan.

Just as in the examples above, your plan to accumulate wealth will be undermined, some times by external events, sometimes by your own weaknesses.

With me it's usually the latter.

I put in a lot of effort but the downloads seem slow in coming. My efforts start to diminish. I end up saying to myself "Why bother with this? You aren't getting anywhere. Perhaps you never will."

This is where persistence comes in.

The course of action required is not to abandon the plan, but to redouble my efforts.

I usually watch the "Stop it!" video a couple of times.

What I'm trying to stop is negative thoughts. I now know that such thoughts can undermine a plan more effectively than physical events.

I practice meditation, the purpose of which is to let such thoughts float away.. to cleanse my mind of them if you like..

Then I renew my positive self-talk. I usually find that it has fallen of at such times.

Of course the support of my mentor and colleagues at Mentoring For Free, my nastermind group, are an invaluable help at such times.

Remember that, as a human being,  the essential you is more than your body and more than your mind. You can control both. Don't let them control you.


Martin Hall       Stourbridge      UK