Think & Grow Rich Lessons
J Greene bridgetown, st michael, Barbados

Posted: 2016-04-25


Persistence is a major key to achieving your chief aim, without persistence you will get no where no time

soon. Persistence is sticking to what you want to achieve no matter how difficult the task at hand may be

and no matter how many times you fail. Its funny that most people are Persistent on all of the wrong things,

they are often Persistent on practicing the opposite of what they want. Like going out when they should be staying in and

working, or eating the wrong foods and lazying around when they should be working out. Why is this? being Persistent 

on the correct subjects takes the same effort as being Persistent on the wrong subjects. If everyone would practice

being Persistent on the correct things as they do the incorrect things they would already have what they want

a long time ago.