Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Margi Starr Springfield, Ohio, USA

Posted: 2016-04-25

Chapter 9—Persistence


A baby learns to Crawl only after attempting it over and over again.  She has persisted
through the bumps and bruises, the frustration and the tears. Because she is persistent,
she soon learns to coordinate hands and knees to crawl confidently to the other side of the room.


Big smile.


A baby learns to Walk only after attempting it over and over again.  She has persisted
through the bumps and bruises, the frustration and the tears.  Because she is persistent,
she learns to balance without holding daddy’s hand and walks confidently into the middle
of the room.


Big, big smile.




Many come to network marketing being told that they can make money quickly.  “Make a
list of family and friends.” “Just talk to people. After all, you can talk, can’t you? Find a few
people who will find a few people.” 


After hearing a few “No’s” the real network marketing Warriors demonstrate Persistence.
Those without Persistence, simply quit and say, “Network marketing doesn’t work for me.”


Warriors, however, reach out for help and download a free eBook called “Success in 10 Steps” 
They start reading the eBook and send their mentor their “Why” as suggested on page 28.


When given the MLM videos/audios, the Persistent ones create the time to listen to them. 


They come to the coaching call with Michael Dlouhy with questions.  When the Blueprint for
is given to them, they take notes. They listen carefully to his words of wisdom.  They
make a Decision based on that call.


Persistent Warriors join the MFF Conference Calls and begin getting educated on the industry
as a whole.  They begin learning SKILLS.  They also begin reading Think and Grow Rich and
begin participating in the mastermind by writing lessons and speaking up on the calls.


Persistent Warriors stay plugged in week after week, month after month, year after year.  They
have come to realize that to be successful, they need to be part of a team.  This is after all, a
Team Sport not a solitary one.


And it’s definitely not for sissies.


Network Marketing Warriors experience bumps and bruises, frustration and tears.  But when
they are Persistent, they learn to find others who want to “own their life.”  Through powerful
self-talk and skills, they begin to attract other Warriors. 


They mentor the newbie Warriors, as they too, experience bumps and bruises, frustration and


Because it’s part of the game.


AND when they see those big smiles on the faces of their persistent Warriors, they experience
a deep satisfaction like none other.


Whether you are a Crawler, a Walker, or a Warrior….


It. Is. Worth. It.


Big Smile!

Margi Starr, Warrior

Springfield, Ohio