Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Wayne Thompson Falmouth, Trelawny, Select a stateā€¦, Jamaica

Posted: 2016-04-24

Chapter 9, Persistence

Wayne Thompson, Martha rae, Trelawny, Jamaica.


Many people are  confused between persistence and willpower.

Willpower is the act of  want to do a task at a convenient time. On the  contrary Persistence is doing it all the time.

People join network marketing by willpower and don't know persistence.

Lack of persistence is the major failure in network marketing. I had willpower and no persistence.

Many of us watched hangouts. join newsletter and never went beyond that stage. We fail to recognize the art of persistence.

When I joined mentoring for free, I heard michael saying be here a year from now and you will grow.

I thought this is madness, i have not reached a year, but it is a fact you will grow.

This is what persistence is, it is doing a task over and over to achieve a specific outcome.

We will never reach the apex of our desire without persistence and not will power.


Be here a year from now.

Wayne Thompson

Martha Brae, Trelawny