Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Celeste Smucker Nellysford, VA, United States

Posted: 2016-04-24

Chapter 9 Persistence

I was introduced to the concept of abundance consciousness
years ago and over time have read many different books on the
subject.  Recently I decided to reread some of these books
and have been amazed at how much more meaningful they are
in light of what I have learned through Think and Grow Rich and
the discussions in this Mastermind group.  Of course each time
through the book I learn something new and different.

I used to think that prosperity was something that happened
magically.  If you just set a goal and said enough affirmations
somehow money would just appear. Of course that didn't happen,
at least not often.  So I always wondered, what I was doing
wrong.  What did I need to change to have the kind of prosperity
I saw others enjoying?

What I learned from this chapter on persistence is that prosperity is
not magic, it's a habit. The dictionary describes a habit as  "an
acquired behavior pattern regularly followed until it has become
involuntary."  In other words do an action or thought often enough
and it becomes part of you. This is good news since forming
habits is something I can control.
Clearly habits don't develop over night.  You need to follow Hill's steps
starting with formulating a strong desire, having faith in the system and
creating an organized plan.  Persistence, though, is the key, or as Michael
described it on a recent call, the magic elixir.  Hill says  "Spasmodic or
occasional effort to apply the rules will be of no value to  you. To get
results, you must apply all of the rules until their application  becomes
a fixed habit with you."
What does persistence mean in your network marketing business?   For me it
means following my plan to make contacts daily on social media, not just
when I feel like it.  It also means following up with emails and eventually
calls when people finally download the ebook. It means constantly expanding
my reach using different approaches to finding the people who need help
such as safelists, blogging, posting in groups etc.  It also means helping the
people who downloaded the ebook to do the same.  Of course it also means
participating in as many weekly calls as possible and speaking up regularly.

Creating the prosperity habit is about taking action with persistence.  When 
you do so you create an abundance mindset that pushes away poverty thoughts
and allows the money to flow.  And that truly is magical.

Celeste Smucker, Nellysford, VA