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Martin Staunfeldt Vojens, Denmark, Denmark

Posted: 2016-04-24

On our Saturday Nights Mastermind Call,
Steve Porter suggested that I share this
on Facebook. So I did. And for you
convinience here as well.

Dear United States, We Pay for our Free Hospitals through Taxes!

My good friend Steve Porter requested me to share this with you.

I am not into politics, but I will just state some facts about taxes we pay in Denmark.

Sales tax in Denmark is 25% on everything we buy.

We pay a registration tax on cars up to 150%. Yes 150%. 

Until December 2015 it was up to 180%.

So here is an example when we buy a car:

DKK 106,400 ($16,237) Car price at the dealer before taxes 
DKK 26,600 ($4,059) Sales tax 25% 
DKK 133,000 ($20,296) Car price with sales tax

DKK 86,940 ($13,267) Registration tax 105% of 82,800 of the car
DKK 75,300 ($11,491) Registration tax 150% of 50,200 from 82,800 to 133,000
DKK 295,240 ($45,053) Total price for the car

The average person's income is DKK 294,000 ($44,864) a year before taxes. And has an income tax between 50% and 60%.

What would you like to know next?

Your Servant
Martin Staunfeldt from Denmark

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