Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ernest Tucker Rogerville, ALABAMA, United States

Posted: 2016-04-22

Chapter 9


Persistence is an essential factor in the procedure of transmitting desire to the monetary equivalent. The dreams the desire to fulfill your goals takes a lot of persistence and sometimes you are looked on as mean and cold blooded but your dreams are achieved.

You don’t have to read about Ford, Barnes, Edison to learn about persistence all we have to do is read the lessons sent in to 30 day mental cleanse. Moneta Watan in her persistence to get her children and raise them. Sandra Cromwell in her persistence to swim across the bay. Michael Dlouhy in his persistence to write mentoring for free and use it to help thousands of people to achieve their goals and all the others who have turned their lesson on persistence in and spoke up.

I too have used persistence many times but never knew what it was until I met Michael and Linda Dlouhy and his family. I too have mastered up enough strength to never give up and keep on swimming. I too have taken another step when I thought I could never make it. I have stumbled many times and mustered up enough energy to get up and keep on going. I will never give up I keep on going forward Michael has taught me that and to believe in myself

 Hill tells us that when we follow the six steps in chapter 6 with a definite goal and plan you will be able to use persistence for the accumulation of money and win. You can use persistence without hurting others but helping people. Michael has taught us that. Our goal in Mentoring For Free is relations, not join me or get out, our groups is people who are happy people that believes in their self---“I am happy I am healthy and I live in the now”.

Thank you Michael and Linda and all the mentoring for free members who are helping me reach my goal.


Ernest Tucker