Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Nathan Grimes Lubbock, TX, USA

Posted: 2016-04-21




I grew up in Tennessee and spent a lot of my time outdoors. The summers,

when not working in the fields I would be found at my best friend’s pond fishing

or swimming. In the winter we would be at the pond this time hoping it would be

frozen enough to skate. I can still hear the warnings from our parents of the dangers

in pond.  We were warned in the summer of the snakes or snapping turtles. In the

winter we did get the freezing temperatures, but not always hard enough for the pond

to freeze deep enough, so the warning was to stay off the pond. But did I always listen? NO.

   Mr. Hill called our focus this week to PERSISTENCE. He wrote, “PERSISTENCE is

an essential factor in the procedure of transmuting DESIRE into its monetary equivalent.

The basis of persistence is the POWER OF WILL.”

   When desire and persistence are properly mixed, any objective can be obtained. One

of the major causes of failure is the lack of persistence. The starting point of all achievement

is desire. When desire and persistence are weak Mr. Hill said the remedy is to build a stronger

fire under your desire. I know now when my persistence is weak to call upon this MasterMind

group at MFF and it will be strengthened.

   “If you select your “Master Mind” group with care, you will have in it, at least one person who

will aid you in the development of PERSISTENCE. Those who have cultivated the HABIT of

persistence seem to enjoy insurance against failure.”

   I will stand on the soundness of persistence having the definiteness of purpose and plans,

nurtured with desire and self-reliance, built on accurate knowledge and co-operation, and

making it a habit of will-power.

   The warnings of when persistence is lacking are:

1.  Failure to recognize and to clearly define exactly what one wants.

2.  Procrastination, with or without cause.

3.  Lack of interest in acquiring specialized knowledge.

4.  Indecision, the habit of “passing the buck” on all occasions

5.  The habit of relying upon alibis instead of creating definite plans

6.  Self-satisfaction.

7.  Indifference, a readiness to compromise

8.  The habit of blaming others for one’s mistakes

9.  Weakness of desire

10. Willingness, even eagerness, to quit at the first sign of defeat.

11. Lack of organized plans

12. The habit of neglecting to move on ideas,

13. Wishing instead of willing.

14. The habit of compromising with poverty

15. Searching for all the short-cuts to riches

16. Fear of criticism

   Will I heed these warnings? “YES!” I ask all the MFF family to remind me of these

on every call, to continually to be developing persistence and to follow the four simple

steps formulas: Definite Purpose Plus Burning Desire; Definite plan multiplied by

Continuous Action; A Closed Mind minus Negative Discouraging Influence; A Friendly

Alliance with those who will encourage.

   These are all the qualities that I have found here at MFF. As always my thanks to all of you.

Nathan Grimes

Lubbock, TX USA


PS: A valuable formula for successful living is the Eight-P-Plan: Plan purposefully. Prepare

prayerfully. Proceed positively. Pursue persistently. William A. Ward