Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Michael Bird Torrance, Ca, USA

Posted: 2016-04-20


Think and Grow Rich – Decision

Michael Bird

April 20, 2016


The Habit of Decision is the rudder of our success and the start of something big.


If we are to put the ultimate direction into our lives and toward living our dreams we MUST be conscious of how we make decisions.


We’ve always made decisions however little or big they have been We've done it. We are the author of our lives. We have created the messes in our lives and we have created the success.


In fact, every decision I have ever made has put me where I am at RIGHT NOW


Ouch!!! or oh YES!!!


This may not be good news for many of us but it's the key to freedom and owning our own lives once get over the sunning fact that we have always had the freedom to be rich successful happy and own our lives at every moment and in every situation



Yet in some reactive way or small manner we make decisions already without knowing we were doing so and seem to wait for something to happen or someone else to see if they are accurate and will work.


This Chapter 8 on Decision brings us out from behind the ignorance and the dark living of procrastination that our fate is outside of ourselves and depends on what others think about us and do for us to be successful in all areas of our lives.


The difference between the 2% who are successful and Free to lead their lives however they want and the 98% who do not and are usually working for those who are in the 2% building their dreams, is big courageous Decisions followed by consistent action to see it come alive.


Hill tells us through his extensive study and research of what makes success – is those who come to quick Decisions and have the courage of that Definiteness of Decision can rise to great power and make life pay the price they ask for.


Today is my Independence day it is the day I declare the life I want and am willing to create. I have staked out a plan of freedom and am willing to follow it.


I have all the tools I need:


1. The proper effective education from the Mentoring for Free Master Mind,


2. The Think and Grow Rich Book of success - now over 90 years in practice - it is the manual and scientific principles of how to think and to succeed and grow rich and has stood the test of time as accurate.


3 Coaching and Mentors from people who care about me and I care about them. It is imperative I surround myself with positive people of success who are better than me and who help me to plan, implement and execute the life I want of financial freedom, owning my own time and making the life I say is worth living.


4. Most importantly - Personally in my own secret conversation of my mind and my soul I MUST be willing and dedicated 100% the desire to seeing my vision come of the life. Thus I must do my own push ups, no one else can do it for me.


5. If I want to live free and Independent I MUST have clearly defined goals Read 3 times daily, including a definite congruent consistent self talk spoken every minute of the day.


6. I also MUST ground my life in living in the moment focused on the how I can help others to do the same.


All of theses positive attitudinal habits are essential to allowing my purpose to manifest within me and take flight.


The environment of success to reach financial independence, riches and a desirable business and professional position are within reach to the person who EXPECTS, PLANS and DEMANDS these things and he will surely accumulate financial wealth if he follows them through.


How do I become a 2%ER and steer my life into the direction of my most desirable life of independence?


It begins with the Habit of Definiteness of Decision - I am going to do it no matter what It takes and I will not quit even when the world tells me I am wrong and I am crazy.


I trust I have been given the keys to the kingdom and I will only watch my feet and not my minds chatter and the opinions of others.


I NOW have the courage and plan to live my Definiteness of Purpose to bring forth my true vision.


I am truly grateful and excited to have this way of life in front of me and thank this awesome Master Mind Team for being a part of my adventure and allowing me to contribute.


I am having fun attracting and sponsoring leaders easily and consistently through education and team work.


Michael Bird