Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Andrew Conlee Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA

Posted: 2016-04-20



“Those who reach decisions promptly and definitely know what they want, and generally get it.  The leaders in every walk of life decide quickly and firmly.”

Good point, so what do I do?

Do I ignore the message that the doctor’s office left on my smartphone, or do I schedule a physical, something I haven’t had for over two years?  Simple: I schedule the physical, citing my age and frequency between physicals.

After the physical, do I continue with my previous diet and exercise habits, or do I change them, extending my exercise time and eating a healthier diet?  Simple: I extend my exercise time, and eat healthier.  Napoleon Hill said that forty is the beginning of “the most productive age of man”, but it’s better to have a sound body supplementing a sound mind.

So what choices are you going to make today?

Andrew Conlee

Cedar Rapids, IA, USA