Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Shawn Halloran Long Beach, CA, United States

Posted: 2016-04-20

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Chapter 8 – Decision


“Analysis of several hundred people who had accumulated fortunes well

beyond the million dollar mark, disclosed that fact that every one of them

had the habit of reaching decisions promptly, and changing these decisions

slowly, if, and when they were changed.”


A net worth of a million dollars is not unachievable in our current economy by anyone who is

willing to apply the principles of sound money management. To place Napoleon Hill’s statement

into perspective, he was referring to 1930’s dollars, which would be a net worth in excess of 14 million

dollars in today’s economy. Napoleon Hill was not referring to the top 10% or 20% income earners of

his time, he was working with the top 1% income earners. I like to remind myself about this, because

he was working with the men and women of the time who truly understood and excelled at the principles

of sound financial practices.


According to Hill, “The majority of people who fail to accumulate money sufficient for their needs, are,

generally, easily influenced by the ‘opinions’ of others. … If you are influenced by ‘opinions’ when you

reach decisions, you will not succeed in any undertaking…” How many people get knocked out of

network marketing because the uneducated opinions of close friends and family members influence the

decision they made to build a network marketing business. And this isn’t limited to network marketing.

We’ve all personally experienced, or seen someone close to us, falter and sway in critical decisions in

our lives due to the ‘opinions’ of friends and family members who had ‘good intentions’.


               “Don’t go to that school …”

               “Don’t marry that ‘girl’ / that ‘boy’ …”

               “That’s not a good career …”

               “You’ll never make any money doing that …”

               “You can't afford that …”

               “You can’t do that …”

               “Stop dreaming, and come back to reality …”


Jim Rohn teaches us to be students, not followers. He strongly suggests we absorb and digest the

information we receive and to come to our own conclusions. Not to take what somebody else says as

absolute truths, but to challenge the ideas. Decide which information is of value to your own personal

desires and discard the rest. Come to your own conclusions, and make your own decisions to find the

success you desire.



Desire, Decision, Discipline

My personal development has taught me that Desire, Decision, and Discipline go hand in hand.

Desire without decision is fantasy.

Decision without action is delusion.

Action without Discipline is folly.


“If you have not acquired more than a bare existence in the years

since we were youths, it is because you either have failed to learn

the laws that govern the building of wealth, or else you do not

observe them.”

                              George S. Clason – The Richest Man in Babylon


Shawn ‘Hal’ Halloran – Long Beach, California