Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ernest Tucker Rogerville, ALABAMA, United States

Posted: 2016-04-20

Chapter 8


In think and grow rich we read about how our decisions plays  a important  role in our desire to obtain riches. Hill says our lack of decisions leads us to failure, Michael and mentoring for free teaches us to make our decisions fast and carry them out and if we want to change them think about them before we make any changes.I am not talking about a split second in making my decision to save my life. The decision in think and grow rich is about riches to help us live the life we desire. Some people learn fast some learn slow and some just give up. Our determination, our desire, our why and our self talk and our positive thoughts occupy our mind for success and our negative thoughts occupy our minds for failure.

Ford was determined to change the car he was building and it took time and trust in the people to do it but he did it. Barnes Gold mine stopped but his desire and determination and trust in helping his workers stopped and he lost when he only had three feet to go.

 If we have a definite decision we must take action and work with it until it is accomplished, it will take courage and sometimes great courage and never give up. You have to have courage boldness and willing to keep going forward regardless of what is in front of you

The men and women who signed the declaration of independence, who fought In ww1, who fought in ww2, who fought in Korea, who fought in Viet Nam, and the ones who are fighting now to save our freedom. This is the kind of decisions you will have to face to accomplish your desire.

Are you willing to take chances to reach your decision for out of debt happiness marriage and love and to help other succeed? I have been working for over ten years to succeed and failed many times and succeeded many times I have climbed many times in planes knowing I might not make it back and many times I didn’t. I have faced death but came out alive I  have failed in my work because I couldn’t understand what was said but I have never given up and I never will I am happy I am healthy and I live in the now.

Mentoring for free our mastermind group Michael and Linda Dlouhy are there teaching and helping us reach our goals. I can never thank them enough for all the wonderful things they have done for me.  Love you Guys


Ernest Tucker