Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Alena Henry Columbus, Ohio, USA

Posted: 2016-04-20

CHAPTER 8 – Decision

Decision = choice = action.

To be or not to be; to do or not to do – it is always up to US.

Every day, every moment of our life is netted out of big or small decisions. From the first minute of our day when we have to decide to get up and go for a morning workout or to push a snooze button and get an extra five minutes of joyful sleep our decisions shape our life and create who we are. All and each our decision leads us to an action that brings specific results and shape our life. We always have to keep in mind who we are and what do we really want in our lives. Naturally we build the way that when we making our decisions (in any area of life) we are looking for everything that makes us feel good (joy, happiness, fulfilment) or we are running from a pain (physical or emotional). This way, when we are making our decisions we always have to keep in mind what our goals are, what we want in our life, where we want to go. At this moment our decision relies on the strength of our desire and faith, at this moment our ultimate plan and all general and especially specialized knowledge comes into action to support our decision.   


“We all make choices, but in the end our choices make us.”
― Ken Levine



Alena Henry