Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Celia H. Burton New Castle, Delaware, United States

Posted: 2016-04-19

I have often heard in my life "Think Long and Think Wrong" was that just a cliche or was there truth in that little statement? In many instances I could of used that little chiche, but it never came to mind.  What did stick was "Sleep On It, Don't Make Snap Decision".  That last quiche probably cost me millions, but I will never know.  I now know that in order to move forward in business and in life you have to act by making quick and firm decision with accurate facts. "Sleeping on it" is just a lazy form of not facing a decision or procrastination, usually you can't even sleep if the decision to be made requires much, like allot of money or a big move such are relocating to another state.

In some instances my decisions came fast and firm.  I didn't hesitate to move to Florida.  It was my dream to retire to the sunny state.  Or when I meant my husband. I made up in my mind that he was the one for me. The person I truly wanted to spend my life with.  In both those decisions everything worked out fine.  I have had the experience of living in another state and I am happily married.

On the other hand procrastination is a burden. It clogs the flow of things, it's a weight that slows you down.  You have to continuously be thinking about it, then it becomes very emotionally taxing, which is procrastination other brother, Worry.  Procrastination is the product of fear, The What If Factor.  I'm not saying that What If's are bad, but do that factoring in during the decision process,  ASAP and move on to the next great thing.  Do you homework and gather the facts and then strike.  The decision you made may not be totally perfect, but atleast you made the decision and you can see how it flys. If necessary you can recalculate and work on what mistakes or missteps you might of made.  Nothing is in cement, everything is subject to change, even the universe. If a set back is what comes from a faulty decision be prepared, come up with a plan B.

Be alert to what may not work, but say to yourself if this doesn't work what will I do next.  Better yet use you connection with the Universe and ask it what is the best course of action and it will guide you to whatever you want or need if you know how to connect with it. Through Hill's teaching I will become a proficient student and apply it to become a professional. I will be in constant contact with the Universe, like as easy as I breathe air. To have the Universe at my whim, WOW!

I wish the very best to everyone in my Mastermind Group and to everyone I contact in the universe.  I owe alot, and I endeavor to give even more.

Big Time Thanks You All, and I Thank Michael and Linda the parents of this most needed platform.

Celia Burton