Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Antonia Lauterio Tucson, AZ, United States

Posted: 2016-04-19

Decision, Chapter 8

Successful people have a habit of making decisions quickly and changing them slowly.

My aha moment while reading this chapter: If you are influenced by opinions of others when you reach your decisions you will not succeed in the undertaking.  People around you will give their opinion because they base it on social values.

My mother was a very independent woman up until I was the age of 5. She came from Mexico, she worked cleaning houses, yet she managed to establish her citizenship, buy us a house, she had a new car, paid her bills, she supported me and my grandmother and we traveled frequently to visit family. Then she married my stepdad. Good hearted person, but negative and filled with fears. I watched my mother wither and lose sight of her hopes and dreams. She grew angry and ill because every decision she made he put her down about it. It drained her energy to live with this person. Very sad.  

I didn’t have much guidance from them in life decisions or life survival because competence was exacerbated by fear. I was very confused but I still had my ambition to thrive. The moral of this is that I learned early on that if I was going to make a decision to do anything I had to find people who had already done it. For example buying a home, I sought the advice of a real estate agent. When I got my first horse I sought the advice of someone who had horses. The desire to be the best parent led me to look for books and sought the advice of educators, counselors, my aunts.

Hill states: We have a brain and mind, use them to reach a decision. We have our thoughts, our gifts and our instincts to help us reach the right decision.   


When I first read that statement it was too bold for me. That’s because decision takes courage. We often overthink things. We think if I admit to what I’m doing people will think I’m silly because I’ve chose to be different. Once we learn to open our minds, we can then follow what we feel.

Prior to making a decision I simply ask myself, are you ready for it? Are you willing to commit? The answer may not seem logical yet my feelings are strong. I may research things prior to making a decision. I may have heard something a few times before I make a decision to follow it. So long as I am within my moral values and principle I have no reason to fear making the decision. “Intuition will tell the thinking mind where to look next” – “Dr. Jonas Sulk”


Toni Lauterio