Think & Grow Rich Lessons
John Smith Gloucester, Gloucestershire, UK

Posted: 2016-04-19

This chapter is all about making decisions and having the faith to stick to your belief.

Interestingly without a really important decision being made and backed up by a huge amount of personal belief plus the determination to see it through, almost certainly none of us would be able to read these posts nor would Mentoring for Free


Eleven year ago Michael had an idea to create a free education, coaching and mentoring programme which would provide anyone from any company access to levels os support almost unknown in the industry and never charge a penny

for doing so. 

Most of the 'experts' threw their hands up in shock - "You can't do that", "Don't do that" and " it will never work" were probably among the politest of responses to such a shocking idea. It is easy to imagine the loudesrt cries coming

from most to lose, those 'leaders' making small fortunes selling their pet training plan to their own downlines and the coaches charging their customers huge fees for their time.

Fortunately for all of us 'advice' of the naysayers was ignored and with the total support of Linda and help from other amazing people who saw Michaels vision as he saw it, that decision has grown, thrived and

taken on almost a life of it's own thanks to those who have experienced, benefited from and gone on to practice the principles learnt through Mentoring for Free in their own organizations and companies.

On behalf of all those past and present MFF members - thank you Michael and Linda for sticking to your guns all that time ago.

John Smith.