Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Martin Staunfeldt Vojens, Denmark, Denmark

Posted: 2016-04-19

Either, if you make a decision or 
you are procrastinating, both is
making a decision.

Just like money. You either make 
money or you spend money. Or you
could make money every time you
spend money. How about that?

I.e.. when shopping groceries, do
you promote your business? Wearing
a shirt with you business, having
a sign on you car, smiling and 
being approachable, finding excuses
to bump into people, having your
business card with you, having
product samples with you. I'll bet
we could come up with even more
stuff to do.

It is easy just to go out and
spend money. If we would like to
turn that around, we would have
to make a decision and apply some
action to that decision.

I would suggest that the action
would be to create a fail prove
plan. I.e.. making sure, every time
you leave your house, you are 
promoting your business. And
when people approach you, having
your 1 minute speech ready. And
having a way to secure peoples
contact info. And making a plan
how to follow up with people.

You decide, by making decisions
and taking actions or not. Either
way is okay with me. I just have
this last comment.

You Decide if You are Successful
or if You are Not!

Love You :D

Martin from Denmark!