Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Marty Roe Pine Bluff, Arkansas, United States

Posted: 2023-02-21

Chapter  1,                                                           2/20/23
Thoughts Are Things!                                                            
From The Book,
Think And Grow Rich! 
The Greatest Forces Are Intangible! 

We must magnetize our minds with intense Desire for
riches, that we must become "money conscious until
the Desire for riches, that we must become "money 
conscious until the drive for money drives us to create
definite plans for acquiring it.  (Napoleon Hill) 

I believe our thoughts began to take shape when we are
born. We see our parents react to positive and negative
situations. We go to school and work jobs and we see
people go through negative positive situations. It was not
unusual to go back and forth from negative to positive 
thoughts more than  once in a 24 hour day. 
I began to question my thoughts, I do not want to be like
this anymore. 

What is a growth Mindset? People are more open
to learning  new things and attempting challenging tasks.
What is the opposite of a growth mindset? 
A fixed mindset. People who believe they are stuck with
abilities they currently have. They don't want to attempt
learning new things because they feel it won't make a
difference. They feel resigned to where they are. 
A fixed mindset would say: "I am not good at math."
A Growth mindset would say: "I need to invest extra effort
to improve my math skills, but I can learn to get better."
(Keith & Tom "Big AL" Schretter) 

I realize now that I had a fixed mindset when I joined this
Mastermind.  My emotional reason, for staying here, I do 
not want to die with my music still inside of me! 

Thanks to Linda and Michael, and the rest of my 
Mastermind friends for your help and support. 

Remember, Poverty needs no plan! 

                   Marty Roe
              Pine Bluff, Arkansas!