Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Lynn Gunterman Louisville , Kentucky , USA

Posted: 2016-04-18

We make decisions every single day.  Some big, some small, some life changing and some not so much.  

I was seeing a pain management Doctor a few years ago that would never let me have a decision on my own treatment plan!!  I didn't like that one bit!  He actually told me that my goals were out of reach and shooting for the stars and that I needed to realize that with the nerve disease I have it's only going to get worse and worse until I eventually become paralyzed.  Had my regular and specialist doctors not discussed this with me!!  I told him yes they had discussed that with me and I knew what they were all telling me but just because all of you doctors tell me that doesn't mean I have to accept that grave outcome for myself!!  As he looked at me as though I were the crazy one; I proceeded in telling him ALL the things I wanted to be able to do, like clean my house myself without any help from anyone at all and holding my grandchildren on my lap or getting on the floor playing and rolling around with them.  He finally responded back to me saying I was shooting for the stars and none of that was going to happen for me now.  That the sooner I accepted this (his belief for me), the better off I would be.  That his goal for me was to get rid of a little bit of pain and I'd never be 100% again.  I told him I didn't accept those terms for my life.  As I was walking away I decided to find a new doctor cause we were not on the same goals.  I found myself a new doctor and I actually have a decision in my course of treatment and my treatment plan.  When I got my old doctor's records for the new doctor 2 years ago and read them, because I had "confronted" him about my treatment he marked in my records that whenever I was there I was to be watched at all times and have someone walk me out when the appointment was done!!  WHAT!!  Are you kidding me??!!  He really thought I was crazy!  Whatever!!  Now I have a great doctor that's always concerned with me and we discuss and plan my treatment together.  He even lets my husband go back there with me to help calm my nerves when the other doctor only allowed the patient back there.  My old doctor never took into consideration my concerns but my new doctor does.  All of my doctors are amazed that I haven't given up yet and the fact that I am still walking at all.  They know now, just how very determined I am.  I made a decision to keep fighting, to keep pushing forward and not accept their presumption of this nerve disease called arachnoidnitis!!  I made the decision that I was in control of the outcome!  I decided that if I wanted to shoot for the stars then I was going to do it.  I chose the outcome I wanted and fought hard for it.  It's a fight I have to do everyday but I decided I was worth it.  It was a decision that I personally made by not listening to the doctors.

I made a decision to find a better doctor when other people just take what the doctors tell them even if they are not given a choice in deciding their course of treatment.  

I have to look at my business and other areas of my life in the same mind frame.  I have choices and I need to make the decisions.  I have to push myself!!

Wishing you all the very best and God bless each of you.  I learn from all of you everyday and I thank God and you for that.

Lynn B. Gunterman 😃