Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Tuula Rands West Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

Posted: 2016-04-18

Chapter 8 – Decision – The Mastery of Procrastination

The dictionary describes Mastery as "knowledge and skill that 
allows you to do, use, or understand something very well and 
have complete control of something."

Procrastination is described as "to be slow or late about doing something 
that should be done; to delay doing something until a later
time because you do not want to do it, because we are lazy, etc.
and to put off something intentionally and habitually."

Hill tells us "You have a brain and mind of your own. USE IT, 
and reach your own decisions.

The majority of people who fail to accumulate money sufficient 
for their needs, are, generally, easily influenced by the “opinions” 
of others."
I joined Network Marketing in 1987 and I was influenced by the
fact that it was my brother who introduced me to this industry.
He told me he believed I could do it, So I believed him.  I signed 
up and began my journey in this incredible industry.  

As the years went by, people who started their journey at the 
same time as I did, began to give up and quit doing their business.
Even my brother quit.  I did not quit.  I continued and when
I was exposed to the internet I began searching for help and found 
"Success in 10 Steps" and the Mentoring For Free System.
Even when my brother told me why he was quitting I did not buy
into his idea.  I had made my decision the night I first saw
the "circles" and I never looked for reasons to give up on it.
I looked for ways to make it work for me.   

Hill states "The value of decisions depends upon the courage 
required to render them."

It took courage to continue when everyone including my bother
quit.  I decided to stick to my original decision because I 
saw the potential, I just hadn't figured out at that time how
I was going to make it successful.

Hill writes "The great decisions, which served as the foundation 
of civilization, were reached by assuming great risks, which 
often meant the possibility of death.

The decision I made that night when I saw the circles and the
decision I made when my brother quit, did not mean the possibility
of death to me but it could have been the death of my business.

It is the little decisions along the way that could make us
or break us.  Once a decision has REALLY been made, we don't have
to think about it anymore. It is no longer an issue.  We just
keep moving forward.  We have then mastered Procrastination.

Tuula Rands