Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ben Drake West Ryde, NSW, Australia

Posted: 2023-01-04

Persistence, keeping on going despite the junk being thrown at You.
Ben, You have been persistent with Your own goals and dreams for many years; You have just kept on going through all the tilth that has been thrown at You. There are many examples of Your own persistence and keeping on going despite that junk.
You kept on searching for love and the right relationship despite it taking well over 1000 introductions to women; A few dates and meeting those who were interested only in hooking up in the end. You meet those who through themselves at You. You just kept on going, having met Your wife Jenny 3 months after saying to Yourself the next woman You date will be Your wife. You went to meet her family in April the following year. You already knew that Jenny was the one You wanted to marry You. You just were unsure how You were going to propose. You manged to get that done and then from there You were married.
You both kept on going working towards having a child, after years of keeping on going You had Your son Jamie. You have just kept on going towards expanding Your family even further despite hearing so many comments about achieving that goal.
You have kept on working Your business for over 20 years now even with few people coming to join You in Your business. You have put out thousands of invitations to join in Your health transformation through methods trained in, thousands of invites to join You in Your business endeavours. Thousands of hello messages to build a friendship with those in Your network, thousands of phone calls from the people who have downloaded success in 10 steps from Yourself, expressed interest in a business. Thousands of follow-up messages, invitations to think and grow rich lessons. You have kept going despite having those who did join You walk away. Those who have not replied for some reason.
You have kept going Ben at getting Your health under control despite some of the comments You have heard You have just kept on going towards achieving Your health result, You have kept going despite having continuous injuries, despite chronic pain, despite needing constant physiotherapy. Hearing at times that the person may not of believed You could achieve Your own health transformation, You have heard quotes like the person doesn’t do healthy. Despite having seen Your own health transformation.
You keep on sharing Your story, your health transformation and more. People have got angry at Your attempts to share what You have, they have been rude, they have screamed at You and You have just kept on going. You kept on going despite having a tough upbringing and being treated like rubbish.
You need to keep on going Ben even when You hear someone knock the meal You have made for Your kids, keep going even with your muscle strengthening even when it is difficult to get done. That’s persistence and the power to keep going despite hearing so much rubbish. It’s who you are Ben, you are persistent towards Your goals knowing in the end it’s going to happen. Even when you hear someone say they have given up.
Even when You constantly hear family members being criticised on the phone for their actions as a person. They may be persistent and committed to a goal in the end they will win. Those who keep knocking others are ultimately going to push people away. They knock everyone’s determination, their goals, who they are as a person. They will express their opinions loudly to push others away. Their own persistence at being critical of a loved ones choice stops the llove in its tracks.
It’s time to walk away from the critics Ben, stop listening to the opinions of those who push their beliefs on you so strongly that your a fraction of the person you can be. It’s time to get around those who believe in You, your goal, your dreams, achieving your health, your model railway layout and the rest. They will help you build confidence and persistence in Yourself. I’ve spent years quite about certain goals or dreams as for years all I ever heard was a form of criticism about what even said, how I spoke or anything else that person felt entitled to knock ffor.
Persistence is keeping on working even when a family member turns on the TV creating a distraction for you.
A huge thank you to my mentoring for free friends who have been amazing friends, loving guides and supporters over the past 10+ years. A special thank you to my amazing mentor Ken klemm for Your loving, support, friendship and guidance. Along with Linda and Michael Dlouhy for building the amazing system which has truly helped grow beyond my wildest dreams. A huge thank you to my amazing wife for Life Jenny for all your own love you give.
Big hugs my friends
Your friend and mentor for Life
Ben Drake
West Ryde nsw Australia
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