Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ben Drake West Ryde, NSW, Australia

Posted: 2022-11-23

Ben how much do you believe that You can achieve Your goal or dream. You’ve been around so many dream stealers for Years. You have so many dreams and have often spoken to someone who didn’t have the same vision You did.
It takes a lot to keep on believing in Your business, to believe in Your health improvement and transforming Your life. You have sent out thousands of messages asking for support, shared Your story of the health transformation with so many.
In the end Your own faith has kept You going towards those goals. They have kept You going and helped You to transform Your life. It has been Your own belief that has helped achieve goals like Disney world, getting married. It took a lot of faith to transform my own health from the guy who was told change your health or there will be issues in the future.
From there I’ve just kept going, despite having the following to contend with.
Schumann’s disease
Former epileptic
Lax muscles
Dislocated knees 4 times
Chronic pain
Liver issues
Continuing need to re strengthen my muscles.
Very over weight.
Constant inflammation
Regular sprained ankles
I’ve worked to maintain health with faith in the products and companies, sometimes to see a company walk away saying we are leaving for expanding markets. To hear others only see the transformation of my own health however did they really get or understand the story.
In one of my former companies when losing a lot of weight and even to this day. You saw the transformation of the person, however there was no desire to learn that person’s story or where they really came from. Often it was a photo of them with You never to be asked more about what it was like so Your story of weight loss could be shown to someone looking at the products.
Always in for the sale nothing else, I have to believe that there are those out there who really want to hear my full story from my health transformation, lifestyle transformation, to getting married, raising our son with asd.
Ben you have an exceptionally powerful story, your family has seen Your physical transformation and remains on their destructive journey. Mum remains a diabetic, dad has had a stroke and through the years you have done everything you can to improve and remain healthy. You have heard You are spending too much on supplements, where as they have often given you a better quality of life than you knew before.
That is faith on its own Ben knowing that you will have a better life from the supplements You take. Yes it will be filled with more health challenges however from what it once was till now it’s been a huge change.
Thank you so much to the wonderful supportive team who have helped and guided along the journey to better health and life. A huge thank you to the team from mentoring for free who have been guides, friends and supporters on the sidelines cheering me on, a special thank you to Ken klemm a man who is like a father for his own love, faith, belief and support. Thank you so much to my amazing wife for Life for being the loving woman you are Jenny.
Your friend and mentor for Life
Big hugs my amazing friends
Ben Drake
West ryde NSW Australia
Helping families to live better lives