Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Lawrence Bergfeld Bronx, New York, USA

Posted: 2022-11-16

This chapter is crucial to our success because we have to monitor our thoughts. Because if we do not then we will do the wrong actions.

Its no different than failing to plan is planning to fail. Ruth Bradford mentioned the word "mouth" has the word "out" in it. And it works like that every single time.

How badly do you want to win. Yesterday I listened to a company training by a top money earner. I work full time, many times I do overtime. I have a challenge that I have to overcome which is a good thing. What activities and skills I could accomplish within an hour? And it has to duplicate.

Because the goal here is to leverage yourself which means getting paid on other peoples efforts. 1% of your effort and 99% of other peoples efforts.

Stop making wishes, make decisions, make other plans if yours don't work.

How badly do you want success? Are you willing to talk to more people and give up the good so tommorow you can have the great?

When Napoleon Hills son wanted something he would "Plan A Way To Earn That Money & Buy It For Himself, He still follows that plan"

If you aren't replacing yourself then you are falling behind

Turn Handicaps into Stepping Stones today NOT tommorow.

Lawrence Bergfeld