Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ben Drake West Ryde, NSW, Australia

Posted: 2022-09-14

Over the years Ben You have made powerful decisions. The major ones were to take care of your health as best as you can. To get married, meeting Jenny, having a child of your own.
Your decision to take care of Your health has been filled with so many challenges. You have refused to give up. 25 years ago you were told of your back issue and it went from there. 4 dislocated knee caps later you were told look after your health or it could be very bad.
So I got started, despite the Schumann’s disease, the 4 dislocated knee caps, being badly overweight. Having asthma, limited mobility, lax muscles, you barely knew a healthy lifestyle. Also having dealt with depression, along with being a former epileptic.
You had every reason to say no more Ben and decided to give up. But you wanted to keep going for Your family, wife and kids. You found a way, You have kept going to the gym even when others are erratic and let life get in the way of their health transformation.
You’ve been in physio therapy for many years now, dealing with Your muscles needing constant work and strengthening. You swim 3 days a week, 40 laps in 50 min. Despite chronic pain, you have changed your health and life so much. Your company may of said we are leaving that lead to find a new company to get started with.
All of the above has been a decision, it’s a choice we face to keep improving our health, our lives and ourselves. To keep our business going, looking at new companies and making a choice in a instant. We can go poor me when a company says it’s leaving or there is better. My own transformation story is worth trillions and some companies have had their chance. I am working on improving my own health as best as can.
You have kept going with Your decisions Ben despite hearing puke thrown at You about the various decision you have made. From being told You were spending too much on health improvement products. Told that someone didn’t believe you could lose weight and many other areas. You have refused to give up at all.
Thank you so much to my amazing friends from mentioning for free for your ongoing friendship, love and support. Thank you to my amazing mentor for Life Ken Klemm for all your encouragement and support in growing to become more. Thank you to my amazing wife Jenny for your ongoing love and support.
Your friend and mentor for life,
Big hugs my friends
Ben Drake
West Ryde nsw Australia
Helping families to live better lives.