Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Marty Roe Pine Bluff, Arkansas, United States

Posted: 2022-09-12

Chapter 8,                                                             9/11/2022
From The Book, Think And Grow Rich!
By Napoleon Hill,
The Greatest Forces Are Intangible! 

People who fail to accumulate money, without exception,
have the habit of reaching Decisions, if at all, very slowly,
and of changing these Decisions quickly and often. 
(Napoleon Hill) 

After being introduced to Network Marketing three times, 
I made the Decision to join. I took my vacation time from 
the job and went to these big conferences that were held
around this country, this is a must! Buying these books 
 and tapes, this is a must! Buying the books and tapes 
going to these conference helped some, however I did not
seem to change, my thinking stayed the same. One of the 
strange thing that happen was my upline started 
disappearing, nobody ever called me and told me why
they disappeared, after doing that for something like two
years, I disappeared, I quit! 

I have never bad mouthed Network Marketing, I always
had this feeling that it could work. The good news about 
going through my first Network Marketing experience, I 
learned about and read a book called Think And Grow Rich
by Napoleon Hill. 

A few years later when my body started telling me, it is 
time to figure something ells out, my thoughts went back 
to the book, I made a Decision to fiend that book and read
and study it again. A short time later I found this Master 
Mind and made the Decision to get on the calls and listen.
six months later I made the Decision to join an write 
lessons. I had no idea how it was going to help me, I could
not see it. I have learned, you can't see yourself grow, you
have to do the work and let yourself grow. You can not 
make it happen within a week or two, you have to take 
action and let it happen. 

When it come to self-development Mentoring For Free 
is the best Decision I have ever made. 

“Sometimes it’s the smallest decisions that can change your life forever.” —Keri Russell

                Marty Roe
              Pine Bluff, Arkansas!