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Jill Freelen Pine Grove, CA, United States

Posted: 2022-08-31

Jill Freelen Pine Grove California USA

Chapter 6 imagination

There are two types of imagination, "synthetic imagination"- rearranging of things we already know, ideas, concepts, and plans into new combinations.
This faculty creates nothing. And the "creative imagination"-where all new ideas are formed. This is where hunches and inspirations are received.
This faculty functions only when the conscious mind is stimulated through the strong emotion of a desire and vibrating at a exceedingly rapid rate.
Both the synthetic and creative imaginations become more alert with use.

Or imagination can help us to form solutions to a problem by changing our perceptions of reality and adjusting our current actions accordingly.

We can make our imaginations stronger by reading more, being open-minded, being curious, exploring new avenues, and spending time with creative people.

Or ideas are born from our imagination. We need to use and trust our imagination to exercise it.

A future focused orientation on strategic imagination posted by Edwin Schmeirer of the Nobo Co.he defined as the process of challenging deep-rooted
assumptions and rejecting the tendency to access new innovations and opportunities by our current systems and standards.

Imagining into the future rather than re-inacting the past to visualize  breakthroughs. Being self disciplined is hard work for our present self because it benefits our future self. 

In visualizing my future self, how I'm becoming who I am becoming. I still can't completely  imagine how I'm going to get there but I have faith and believe that as I continue the path will be revealed. 

Napoleon Hill states;

Above all, DO NOT STOP, nor hesitate in your study of these principles until you have read the book at least THREE times, for then, you will not want to stop.

Thanks Michael for MFF and everyone on these calls.

Jill Freelen