Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ben Drake West Ryde, NSW, Australia

Posted: 2022-08-17

You can suggest Your own reality Ben. The most difficult part over the years had been focusing on one specific area. There is often so many distractions to what I am working on and want to focus on through self suggestion.

It took a lot of focus just to say that the next person who dated would be my wife. It’s just being so focused again and suggesting with confidence that can get the goal done.

At the moment I am working on physical health more. It’s been a big challenge lately with injuries flaring up again. It’s a one day at a time process. Physio and looking after Your own health.

You have to suggest to Yourself that Your accepted no matter what Ben. Even if You are disabled with physical injuries there are those who really do love, care and support You.

You have to also remind yourself daily that Your healthy and have transformed Your own health.

You can do this Ben, you can transform Your health more than what you originally did. It’s a learning process what works for You. You can earn a income for the family which will stop the naysayers saying that you have to have a traditional role to provide for the family .

When a traditional role needs more flexibility to allow health aswell. There will always be those who will push their fears on You and You have to be strong enough through auto-suggestion and  confidence that it will be ok health, Relationship, family, financial and more

You can be thrown a son who needs support Ben. It’s just another test how much You are prepared to go through before the pay off. You’ve been through so much. You will get through this Ben  Yes it’s difficult dealing with limited support network as there is hardly anyone to discuss what is going on.

Especially dealing with a son who the  medical community suggests has a form of autism. He has to be told he is smart rather than letting the label stick, Michael has told Lawrence the same  It’s time to suggest to Jamie he is smart on his own. I’ve had times where Jamie has said he wants areas which are part of my own model railway plan he’s picked up on that at 5.

Thank you so much to my amazing friends from mentoring for free for helping to understand auto suggestion better. A huge thank you to my amazing mentor Ken klemm for your constant guidance, love and support. A huge thank you to my amazing wife Jenny for your continued love, support and encouragement.

Your friend and Mentor for Life

Big hugs my friends

Ben Drake

West Ryde nsw Australia

Helping families to live better lives

Ps I can transform my health and create a income from home that will work around my own physical health. There are those who gladly want my help to change their lives. I am going to find them