Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Nathan Grimes Lubbock, TX, United States

Posted: 2022-08-04

Chapter 3 Faith

Hill describes faith as the visualization of and belief in the attainment
of desire. Furthermore, he adds it is the mental picture, the action
or means of interpreting in visual terms seeing the visible form with
the confidence of its obtainment.

Some of you may have been in the locker room before the game and the 
coach ask you to close your eyes and see with your mind’s eye every more
on the court or field individually and collectively as a team. To dream
of how it will feel to win the game by playing at your highest level.
Recall how seeing yourself “being all in.”

Looking back at that talk we can realize the coach was actually teaching
us the principle of self-talk or auto-suggestion. A means of allowing the
mind to focus on the positive emotions and being stimulated to a higher 
level of faith and commitment.

It is faith that intensifies the emotions and gives the subconscious mind
instructions that it will accept and act upon immediately. Faith is the
only agency by which the universal force of Infinite Intelligence can be
harnessed and used.

In 1985, the actor Jim Carey wrote himself a personal check for $10 million
which was dated 10 years in the future.  In 1995 he actually received a check
for his role in the movie “Dumb and Dumber” for a sum of $10 million dollars. 
This is just one real example showing that “faith” is the visualization and
belief in attaining your desire fits with anyone no matter what their field of
interest is.

Below are some practical steps to take to Attain your Desire!

  1. Be specific with what you want to achieve!  Do you want $500, $1000, $5000
    or $10,000 a month in passive income a month?  Do you want to have 1000
    rental units?  Be specific!

  2. Decide what you’re willing to give in order to achieve your desire!

  3. Give yourself an achievement date!  Write it down somewhere and make it

  4. Write out a plan and begin action immediately.

  5. Read your plan to yourself at least twice a day and share it with someone
    you know that can help keep you accountable!

Know that so many people have used faith, visualization, and belief before they
ever reached the goals they set
before them.  It is all about developing a mindset
and charging after your goals!

I can truthfully say that my faith is stronger today than ever before. I can see
with certainty that the future will be better, great rewards will come, and doors
of opportunity will open when I am ready.

Thanks to Linda and Michael Dlouhy for living their faith out loud for all of us
to see and bear witness to. My gratitude to everyone who participates in the
weekly calls and manifests your faith to all of us.

Nathan Grimes