Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Nathan Grimes Lubbock, TX, United States

Posted: 2022-06-30

Chapter 13-The Brain

Have you ever visited or investigated one of the many caves
or caverns throughout the world? I have toured Carlsbad Cavern,
Mammoth Cave, and the Caverns of Sonora.

It was always fun to walk down into the depth of the cavern
seeing the beauty of the centuries of growth of the stalagmites
and stalactites. We viewed the vivid colors of the wall, the
formations and to be awed by the sheer vastness of the great

Now, what do caves have to do with the brain or as Mr. Hill wrote,
“a broadcasting and receiving station for thought.”  When I reviewed
this chapter, I remembered the last time I was at Carlsbad and my
trip through the cavern of Sonora. After we had purchased our tickets,
we were given a set of earphones, through which messages were sent to
us as arrived at different points of the journey. We were given the
history of the cave, how it was found and explored, what kind of rocks
or crystals we were viewing, and much more.

Each time I get on one of the Mentoring for Free calls, it's like
entering the cavern. My brain is open to the new and different insights
being shared through the lesson written by each member of the mastermind group.

I became a receiving station for the messages sent by your broadcasting
stations. I pray that I, in return, serve as a broadcasting station for

Napoleon Hill stated, “Thought is energy traveling at an exceedingly high
rate of vibration. Thought, which has been modified or "stepped up" by any
of the major emotions, vibrates at a much higher rate than ordinary thought,
and it is this type of thought which passes from one brain to another,
through the broadcasting machinery of the human brain.”

I can feel the emotion being emitted from the word of each lesson written.
I can sense the mixing of thoughts and emotions from your subconscious minds
being planted into that of my subconscious mind.

I greatly appreciate the working of the “creative imagination” within this
mastermind group. I’m awed at how God has given us not only the five senses, and the
forces which are unseen and intangible. I know without a doubt there are forces
at work outside of me that lead me to Mentoring for Free and opened my mind to
seek answers to unspoken questions, causing me to tune my ears to new voices and
close them to the old chatter.

I also recall my trip through the Cavern of Sonora, where there was to vacuum
seal entrance. We enter through a door into a small room and close the door
to seal the room before opening a second door to enter the cavern. The purpose
of this was to protect the cavern from the blast of the hot air of a West
Texas and save the cool environment and beauty of the cavern for future generations.

We too must seal our brains from the sear heat of negative thoughts and energy
flowing all around us from newspapers, magazines, TV, and social media. To seal
in and live in the positive emotions of desire, faith, love, sex, enthusiasm,
and romance. hope, and prosperity. This is my choice every day.

Thank Mentoring for Free family, to Linda and Michael Dlouhy you have made all
of this available for us.

Nathan Grimes