Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Jill Freelen Pine Grove, CA, United States

Posted: 2022-06-01

Jill Freelen Pine Grove CA USA

Chapter 8 Decisions


Reading this chapter made the palms of my hands sweat. I would stop reading, look up and take a deep
breath and continue reading. I don't like to admit that decision making has been very difficult for me. 

I'm learning to be more confident by making smaller decisions quickly. Making decisions under heavy
influence or pressure from other people has never resulted well for me, but has caused regret. 

It's a well known fact that a consequence follows every decision. It's the unpredictable and unexpected
consequences that cause me to get anxiety. Our decisions usually have a domino effect so It's important
to give the time proportionate to the size of impact the decision will have.

I'm going to do more listening as Hill suggest and less talking.

Thank you Michael Dlouhy and everyone participating on these calls.


Jill Freelen