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George Freelen Hondo, TX, United States

Posted: 2022-05-24

Organized Planning - Chapter 7

Organized This is the longest chapter on the book ‘Think and Grow Rick by Napoleon Hill’, for reason. We plan to have a lot more money, large network of people, however unless we organize those plans into a manful format, it is all for nothing.


Hill shows two statements of facts that must be adhered to if we are too successful.


     First: you are engaged in an undertaking of major importance to you. To

     be sure of your success, you must have plans that are faultless.


     Second: you must have the advantage of the experience, education,

     native ability and imagination of other minds. This is in harmony with

     the methods followed by every person who has accumulated a great



This is a joint creation, as Michael Dloughy points out, it is Teaching/Mentoring business. The “system” denies no one this right, but it dose not,

and cannot promise something for nothing, because the system, itself is irrevocably controlled by the law of economics which neither recognizes nor tolerates for long, getting without giving.’ Hill


Therefore we should study this chapter until it become a part of our nature.


George Freelen


REASON REAP REWARDS - quote from Kwik. Organized