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Tuula Rands West Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

Posted: 2022-05-22

On July 14/22 I wrote

Chapter 7 - Organized Planning

When I began with the thirty day mental cleanse I
figured I was supposed to summarize what each
chapter was about.  

That seemed like such a huge task for me and overwhelming
to put into words what a great author had written!

Is it any wonder I didn't think I could write and submit a
lesson plan.

As time went on, I realized that was not what this was
all about.

It is about what I get  from the lesson plan!  How many times
have we heard that?  Many, many times.  Michael has told us that
over and over again and we have probably told that to our clients
as well.  

What I get from the lesson plan?  What exactly did that mean?

It does not mean I copy and paste everything from the chapter other
than referring to what part inspired me.  If that is all I do I am just
repeating what the author said and that is not the purpose
of the mental cleanse (now Thnk & Grow Rich). 

It means what I understand on how the chapter has influenced me 
and my thinking.

I begin to read the chapter and something "clicks", brings to
memory or gives me an "ah ha" moment.  That is what I should
be writing about.  

So that is what I began to do.  If a thought came to me in the 
first paragraph, did I need to read the whole chapter?  Let's face
it, I have read these chapters many times in eight years (now 16 Yrs) and will
be reading them a lot more in the future because I do not plan
on leaving this forum.  

So if I get an inspiration in the first paragraph, I write about that.
If I get a "ah ha" moment in the middle of the chapter, I write about
that.   Sometimes I get an inspiration from the title of the chapter and
I write about that.  

I main thing is, I write about what I learn,  what has inspired me, 
what has changed my thinking.  

I am the only one who can write what I get from the chapter.  I just
need to be willing  to share what I understand.  How simple can that be?

I am just grateful I got there and now I write my lesson plans in a matter
of minutes instead of putting if off to the last minute because I had no idea
of what to write.

Is this organized planning?  It is the System that has organized the plan.
My part that I have tried to be organized about is to get my lesson submitted
in the first couple of days of when the new chapter is posted.
Mentoring for Free has done what it says it does for all of us because
this is where we "Learn HOW to think, not WHAT to think."

Tuula  Rands