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Ben Drake West Ryde, NSW, Australia

Posted: 2022-03-29

The sixth sense wow I have had number of strong experiences from the sixth sense lately. During a shift at my volunteer role, the sixth sense turned around whist was outside the room getting dinner ready. To ask the team if we have been entering the warning current which we have been asked to send out hourly into the communications log.

After returning to the room and asking I was told good point that these were needing to be entered, entering after dinner and getting another impression that need to ask has this been done. Hearing that it had been discussed but was still needing to be done. The sixth sense was right on target both times.

My own sixth sense has picked up on a number of times when was needing to ask a question, to get the responsibilities done or send a message to a friend. Even sending that message and photo turned around them saying I am keeping this it’s what I needed.

My own sixth sense has become stronger and gets more messages daily, I am grateful to the team which have helped from mentoring for free to identify and listen to those messages. For my amazing mentor Ken who has always been a guide to improve myself and my own business. A huge thank you to my amazing wife for life Jenny who has been the best wife could ever ask for.

Big hugs my friends,

Ben Drake

West Ryde NSW Australia

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